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Exclusive INSIDE™ brown hair line

Why choose Brunette INSIDE™

Shea Butter
Shea butter is a rich and nourishing ingredient, perfect for deeply hydrating and softening hair. With Brunette Inside™, your hair receives intensive care that leaves hair soft to the touch and easily manageable, transforming even the driest, dullest hair into a lush cascade of softness.
Hyaluronic acid
Known for its hydrating and volumizing properties, the hyaluronic acid in Brunette Inside™ gives your hair a fuller, shinier appearance. This key ingredient helps maintain an optimal level of hydration, ensuring voluminous hair that reflects light, enhancing the natural beauty of brown tones.
Micro-pigments are essential for neutralizing unwanted highlights, keeping brown hair color pure and vibrant. Brunette Inside™ uses these pigments to gently correct color, ensuring a deep, even brown tone that captures the eye.
pH Acidic
Maintaining the right pH is crucial for hair health. Brunette Inside™, with its acidic pH, seals the hair scales, protecting the hair fiber from external agents and preserving the color for longer. This means that your hair will remain protected, shiny and healthy, day after day.
Visible Results
Thanks to its tested effectiveness, Brunette Inside™ guarantees visible results from the first applications. Hair immediately appears brighter, softer and easier to manage, with a color that expresses all its natural splendor.