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Unleash your emotions and rediscover your sensuality.

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Blond hair

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Brown hair

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Hair Filler

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New Collection

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Rigenera Black Collection

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Shampoo + Mask + Gold Brush

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Shampoo + Mask + Brush Pink


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Hair Parfume Inside™

Imagine starting each day by not only choosing an outfit that reflects your mood but also enveloping your hair in a fragrance that embodies your essence and soul. Ykena Beauty hair perfumes are crafted to be your invisible secret—a source of strength and confidence that silently accompanies you, revealing the depths of your being to those around you.

Transform your hair with Filler Therapy for a rejuvenated, fuller look.

With the Filler Therapy Serum and Red Restructuring Shampoo, we invite you to experience a transformative care that goes beyond the surface, reaching the heart of your essence.

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Curly hair

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Straight hair

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The Ykena Beauty Blonde Mask saved my hair from dullness. Now, it's radiant, silky, and full of life. It's the magical touch every blonde should have!

Anna T.

The experience with Ykena Beauty's restructuring shampoo was exceptional. Leaves hair incredibly soft, clean and hydrated. Even the driest hair will shine again!

Letizia P.

This serum from Ykena Beauty has revolutionized my curly hair routine. My curls are soft, nourished and without any signs of frizz. It's the best product I've ever used!


I can no longer do without Ykena Beauty's scented hair spray. In addition to leaving hair incredibly fresh, the fragrance lasts all day. It's like a breath of fresh air every time I move my head!

Clara T.

Using Ykena Beauty hair filler was amazing. My fine hair now has unparalleled volume and body. Each application leaves hair incredibly invigorated and full of life. A true game-changer!

Annalisa F.