Brunette INSIDE™ Mask - Mask for brown hair

maschera brunette inside ykena beauty
maschera brunette inside ykena beauty

Brunette INSIDE™ Mask - Mask for brown hair

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  • Shea butter, to hydrate and soften hair
  • Hyaluronic acid, for voluminous and shiny hair
  • Micro-pigments, to neutralize unwanted reflections.
  • Ph Acid, seals the scales of the hair protecting it for longer
  • Absolutely no animal testing
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The first mask dedicated solely to brown hair, to enhance it to the fullest.

👉 Thanks to its advanced formulation, which includes Hyaluronic Acid, Micro Pigments, and Shea Butter, it enhances brown hair by providing hydration, regeneration, and extreme shine.

👉 Its dense and highly emollient compound allows for easy combing, leaving the hair silky smooth.

👉 Its acidic pH helps to seal the cuticles effectively, protecting the hair from external agents and providing long-lasting extreme shine.

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Giuseppina Bombardieri
Prodotto inutile

Questo prodotto non serve a nulla anzi per i miei capelli che sono già ricci peggiora la situazione. Li appesantisce scomponendo il riccio senza renderli più idratati ed elastici come premette la descrizione. Purtroppo per i miei capelli è inutilizzabile perché mi fa perdere anche il mio riccio naturale. Profondamente delusa

Mara Venturini


A hair that represents you

Take back control of your hair

Frequent questions

First Shampoo then Mask.

Brunette INSIDE™ Shampoo:

Apply to damp hair, massage from the root to the entire length of the hair, leave on for 5 minutes for the micro-pigments to take effect, repeat the application if necessary. Rinse with warm water.

Brunette INSIDE™ Mask:

After shampooing, dab your hair with a towel and leave it damp,
apply Brunette INSIDE™ Mask on the lengths leave on for 2 minutes then comb through with the Gold Palm Brush from the lengths to the ends. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Twice a week is ideal!

The line is tailor-made for dark/dark hair whether you have it natural, colored or bleached. It's a line dedicated to the hair stem!

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