Become our Ambassador

Are you passionate about beauty and want to become an ambassador for Ykena Beauty?

You are in the right place!
As an ambassador, you will have the opportunity to promote Ykena's high quality beauty products and earn cash rewards for every order placed with your coupon.

Here's how you can become our Ykena Beauty ambassador

Step 1: Apply to become an Ambassador To get started, send us an email at
We will ask you to provide information about yourself, including your online presence, your social media channels and why you wish to become a Ykena Beauty Ambassador. We will carefully evaluate each application and let you know if you have been selected to be part of our Ambassador program.
Step 2 : Receive your personalized coupon Once accepted as a Ykena Beauty Ambassador, you will receive a personalized coupon that you can share with your followers. The coupon will be unique to you and your followers can use it during the checkout process on our website to get a special discount on their order.
Step 3 : Promote Ykena Beauty products Now it's time to introduce Ykena Beauty products to your followers! Use your social media channels, your blog or your YouTube channel to share reviews, tutorials and pictures of Ykena Beauty products. Make sure you include your personal coupon with every post or video to ensure your followers are eligible for the discount.
Step 4 : Earn with your coupon Every time one of your followers uses your coupon while shopping at Ykena Beauty, you will be rewarded! You will receive a commission on every order placed using your coupon.
The more people who use your coupon, the more you earn!
Step 5 : Monitor your earnings and results!
Be an authentic ambassador: The most important thing to remember as a Ykena Beauty ambassador is to be authentic. Talk about the products with passion and sincerity, share your personal experience and answer your followers' questions honestly. Show the love you have for Ykena products and the brand